Plastic Guttering Gaerwen

Plastic Guttering Gaerwen

Our plastic guttering is available in three styles, Ogee, Round and Square. Pipe, Guttering and fittings colours are available in White, Black, Brown and Caramel. At MP Plastics we offer high quality professional products at the best possible online prices. We provide excellent service and have a huge customer base owing to our quality plastic products.

We currently offer three different styles of plastic guttering in three colours to compliment the exterior of any home or building. Our best selling plastic guttering is the Ogee range with its contemporary design and phenomenal flow rates. This system is easily fitted to existing downpipes using our range of adaptors and connections. With watertight seals and rapid installation, we guarantee it is the best plastic guttering on the market today. It is available in 4m lengths, 110mm width and a depth of 80mm. The Ogee system is available in white, black and brown.

We also stock a more traditional looking round range of plastic guttering, perfect for older homes or homes with low pitched roofs, due to its slower flow rates. This type of guttering remains very popular as it gives the appearance of the old cast iron system. Lubricated seals ensure fast and easy installation; this guttering can be fitted into existing plastic or metal installations. Our round range is available in white, black and brown, in 4m lengths, 112mm width and a 68mm depth.

Our square plastic guttering has much faster flow rates than the round system, and is ideal for steeper roofs. It is available in white, black and brown, in 4m lengths, and a profile of 114mm width and 65mm depth.

All our plastic guttering will give the outside of your building a stunning look, especially if used with our tremendous range of fascia and soffits. All of our gutter pipe and fittings come with a standard 15 year guarantee, and meet all industry approvals. We have a wide range of angles, brackets, fixtures and fittings to complement all of our ranges.

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